UW Life.

WooHoo made it to inpatient day. Welcome to a new year and hopefully the last chemo round I experience. Yay!

So this stay requires a check-in with no real check-out date. BUMMER!! Showed up knowing it’ll be around a 2 week stay since I do 9 days of chemo then just got to wait til I’m healthy enough to be in public. My mind a few days like 5. They keep warning me it would probably be more around 2 weeks after my cells are given back to me. 😦 Time sure adds up . I suppose, we shall find out later.

9 days of chemo is broken up into 3 different types.

Thiotepa. Busulfan. Cyclophosphamide.

Thiotepa was given for 3 days. Usual side effects that most chemos come with, but this one requires 4 showers a day because of how it excretes out of your body and can cause rashes and irritation. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but its just more work specially having to wrap up your dressing areas. Just a timely thing and not as enjoyable as a regular shower.

Busulfan was another 3 days. Requires 5 days of pre-meds to help avoid getting seizures. Yup I’ll gladly do so don’t wanna join that club. Another bummer with this type.. It’s given every 6 hours. Doesn’t seem like much but boy did I not sleep these days. 6am chemo 7am nurse swap out 8am Daily meds and vital signs 12pm chemo 4pm vital signs 6pm chemo 7pm nurse swap 8pm vital check 9pm nightly meds 12am chemo and blood draws then 3am vital signs and repeat for those 3days. Not much free time in the night to get straight heavy sleep for yourself. Survived napping as much as possible but was glad to swap over to the next stuff.

Cyclophospiamide accompanied by Dexamethazone(not a fan favorite this is the stuff that made me swell and gain serious poundage.) steroid and mesna which is to help out the bladder and tons of extra fluids. Half the time I lived in the restroom they were giving me so many fluids.

Haven’t had any major issues. I do have mucositis which is just like a having sores all over mouth. Right now its not that bad sore and swollen but actual sores haven’t busted thru yet, yay. Experienced those with previous chemos wasn’t my favorite, and don’t mind waiting longer for it to happen or not at all.

After all the chemo I get a rest day. Just lots and lots of fluids. Waiting till the next morning to get the transplant. I made it! YES!!

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Whats been happening.. 12/30/15

Whew, its been awhile since I’ve posted. Apparently no blogging champion here. I’ll try to work on that. Nothing major has happened.

My meeting with the neurologist got me the info that my tumors are now half the size of what they were last time. So I believe that’s about 2cm X 2cm each or so. Can’t remember the sizes exactly and I don’t get print outs so we’ll just go with it. Also, I received 2 appointments for lumbar puncture chemo sessions and a whole spinal MRI.
Not a big fan of lumbar punctures. My last post I had gotten a normal one done without the chemo and during that session I had received a  decent amount of IV sedation and lido-cane( the same goods you get injected with while having a cavity filled)  shots in the area of enterance. With these appointments I was only given the lido-cane shots. Man is this girl not the toughest cookie around. Couldn’t do it. Got poked 3 times and tensed up so much that the doctor wasn’t able to draw out some spinal fluid or inject in the chemo. Since she was unable to achieve her goal they gave me some anti-anxiety pills and had me go down to radiology to try to get the procedure done since they can take picture of the spine and would know the best to enter in at causing them to have better luck. DIng DIng DIng. Accomplished first try ,YES!


SInce it went smoother down there in radiology my 2nd time was just set up with them and went just well by the same doctors. Sweet people.

Spinal MRI smooth sailing just like any other of the many I’ve had. Laid in machine for an hour listened to 90s radio to help distract for the very loud noises the machine takes while snapping its pictures. Haven’t heard anything back about it yet.

Oh yeah.. remember my double sided bone marrow biopsy I had done? Well, unfortunately it came back odd. Although the doctors believed that was only because of the neupogen shots that I had been receiving before.  Good news right don’t need any need issues popping up. Bad news: only way to verify that was to wait it out a bit longer then take another sample to test. Gosh darn getting stabbed legally again. Starting to wonder if I’m annoying these doctors and they’re just taking out legal revenge on me .. heheh JK.

This time I had to go in on on Xmas EVE ( which BTW is my 1year mark of officially finding out the answer of having DLBCL) and didn’t get my IV sedation but I did get anti-anxiety pills, this unusual pain killer lollipop ( things are sure growing up in my life ) and more lido-cane shots. Went pretty swell not to much pain. Eventually you just pretty much feel like someone who kinda knows what they’re doing has kicked ya in your hip or back area where they stab away at. No answers yet about that either.


Okay then there’s this…
20151230_091821 20151230_091807                                             20151230_091759

Which is Harmony being a young troublesome rule breaker and having to deal with the consequences. I maybe enjoy alcohol a bit more then I need to. All and every doctor I’ve ever met though obviously don’t recommend drinking. Always have always will with or without cancer no doctor suggests drinking. I’ve drank through-out my whole treatment period. Just got recommend and suggested to slow it down, but it was never a major deal. Till now. Seattle is ALOT stricter. Although I have had other nights of drinking and partying with friends other times. It wasn’t as excessive as this amazing weekend that I had on the 19th and 20th. Raised my liver levels quite a bit and if they don’t drop back down enough they are going to make me wait a bit longer to go into inpatient and start that high intense chemo since the chemo also causes damages to the liver and they don’t want to make it so intense that it’ll cause permanent damages. Makes sense they can damage me as much as they want with all their drugs and pills and what nots but I should be on my bestest behavior BOO. So, now I’m pulling up my big girl panties and learning to enjoy  my holidays and free time completely sober even if not another sole spending time with me is on my same page. Which to be honest isn’t that hard I’m not that much of a lush, but it is a bit of a let down. I’m a slight party animal what can I say. 😀

Anyways, Thats all I got. Tomorrow I go get an ultrasound on the liver to make sure I didn’t cause damages that wont be repaired before the 5th but they don’t believe i did they are just like I’ve said overly cautious and like to double check everything. So, I suppose we shall see.. Moving on .. Almost done. Can’t wait.

Recent Testing 12/2 – 12/8

Wednesday- Breathing. What an odd intense test. Leaves you feeling a bit winded but no pain so it went well in my mind. Sounded like I did a decent enough job but didn’t get an official answer.

Thursday- Once again I got shoved in a machine and got an MRI. Thank goodness I’m not claustrophobic I’d not survive I’m constantly being tossed in one of these type of machines. I got told on this though that things have gotten a bit smaller but think I will find out more with my future appointment with a neurologist.

Friday- I got my long avoided pap smear and check to see if I actually know what kind of birth control I’m using. Which I do and I get to keep. Apparently if I had the other type of IUD I would have to have it removed. Whew glad I don’t. Other then that I got told it all looked normal and still waiting on the results from the swabs they took for whatever reason.

Monday – EOG. basically a ultrasound of your heart. Haven’t heard if it came back with good results or not but I’m thinking I’ll find out all my test results tomorrow or Friday.
It was easy and painless. Just laying there and following instructions.

Tuesday- Bone Marrow and LP testing. Most painful out of all of these, but still nothing extreme. I’m left feeling tender kind of like someone that knows what they are doing got 3 good swift kicks in.

unnamed (1)

Being the special girl that I am I got to get both sides of my hips tested for the bone marrow. Generally it’s one or the other but because of my type of cancer and what not I get more. GO ME>

Tomorrow I get to go see a neurologist and I believe learn more about whats going on with my brain and what he thinks will happen. Kind of nervous about this but excited as well to hear some news.


As per hospital rules I had to get caregivers. Someone to stay with me 24/7 to make sure I’m staying healthy and safe. This early in time I find it pointless except on the days I need assistance(mostly just a ride home) after getting knocked out for some surgery type thing or something, but doctors orders.

Later on they will have major responsibilities, but I’ll try my best to minimize them as best as possible. Don’t need these loving characters  to be disappointed they agreed to help me while being sick.

Anyways soo my thanks go out to these loving souls:

Shane aka Dad


That’s my loving father one hour after showing up to start his watch he got this set up in his room and began playing. BOYS. hehehe Besides the solo time at video-gaming he’s been great company 🙂
Tara aka Mom


Mother dearest. Even though she hasn’t been around much yet I still appreciate the weekend days I get to spend with her and Damon (my little brother) I’m saving her for the tough job when I get done with my transplant and need the most assistance shes my go to gal. Can’t ever stop appreciating her for all her help on my road to recovery.


Catch up

So, it sure has been awhile since I wrote anything. I’ve been distracted plus I’ve also been just trying to set up the site to something more useful and lovely looking. Took awhile having no clue really what I was doing. Thanks though to my Aunt J I got some tips and was able to figure somethings out.

Anyways medical update: A lot sure has happened since I got to post about my last chemo experience. I ended up not continuing the methotrexate chemo since it wasn’t doing anything and my tumor actually started to re-grow a bit. YIKES! Thank goodness my Doc is into being worried about my aches and pains and had decided to do another MRI to find that out.

With Chemo out of use I got switched to Radiation. 20 rounds of whole brain radiation. Then 8 more rounds focusing on the tumors. Good news that got them to shrink for sure. Also made me gain more weight and loose my hair again. 😦 boo.

Two weeks after finishing up my radiation I went thru another round of chemo this time it was Ara-C yet another strong dose that had me do it inpatient style like always for 4 days to just try to have extra care and get rid of any cells that might have re-came back in my body.

Nov. 18th = The start of my new adventure of healing with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Boy let me tell ya they are a tough bunch. Haven’t had a day off yet. To top that sometimes I’m here for 12 hours. Talk about overwhelming.

Oh BTW just in case you didn’t catch the info in my about me story I’m here to get an autologous stem cell  transplant.

They sure have kept me busy and doing a bunch to get all my prep and check-ups done before the actual transplant can occur.

Blood transfusion and Platelet  transfusion are now checked off my medical bucket list. It’s amazing how getting them makes ya feel so much more awake and vibrant. Thanks to everyone that’s ever donated either. Who knows maybe you even helped me  out. 😉

My list of other procedures :
EKG, breathing test, Chest Xray,  MRI, and tons of hydration IV’s. So far and many more to come.

OH and thank goodness but I was about to move into SCCA housing which is only a few minutes from the clinic also comes just a bus to get me here. So very nice to not have to drive 1+ hours each way to get to the clinic and then pay $4 to park. It was starting to get a bit spendy plus tiring.

Other then that I’m doing well. Bored , Very tired ,and pretty queezy all the time, but I’m alive so can’t really complain.

I’ll work on posting more often.
Thanks for checking up on me.

Harms ❤

3rd Times the Charm?

Monday 8-31-15

checkin 11:45
make it to room 12:45

congdon 3:00

first ph level test 330

saline bag started 4 finished 9
methotrexate 10pm

WARNING: Quite a bit of complaining/whining below.
Treatment Patience is a virtue that I seem to not have alot of anymore.  I’m not sure if it’s my steriod induced annoyance , maybe it’s jealousy or I’m just naturally annoyed that it takes so many hours to get things started when I show up everytime. I mean think about it .. This is scheduled weeks in advance basically and for sure atleast 4+ days for sure. Why can the patients that go to the cancer center be prepped and get there medication when their appointment is and then leave hours later after getting pumped with their good poison yet I can’t even get my chemo until after I’ve been sitting in the hospital for 12 hours. Late night chemo isn’t my favorite. It then ends up making it so they do extra testing through-out the night at all these late night hours. Who else is up to get woken up at 2am to have a needle shoved into their arm for testing? Not my favorite.

1st Sign of Shrinkage

Jump Dance Celebrate!
Monday 8-24-15 came with fun news! Slight shrinkage on my tumors and swelling!!! Yes!!!! Chemo seems to be working.

Backstory/Update/What this chicks been doing since I last posted on here:

Summertime please don’t leave! I love you so. hehehe. Took sometime to enjoy the great outdoors this last week during my free time. Drug my mother and little brother out on a mini hike. #2 for the little guy( go Damon ). We went up to Denny Creek Falls about 2miles round trip, perfect for the little guy and the mom that doesn’t get out much 🙂 Picnic, snacks, vegging, water splashing around in the creeks. Perfect place for kids ❤ Oh, Washington so much to offer in free entertainment you keep my heart happy.


On the way home we drive through Seattle. Little man hasn’t gotten to get out there lots. Heck, I hadn’t gotten to explore Seattle much myself til last year. So, I drag them around town a bit.

Both Mom(I have no idea what she’s been doing all these years to of not seen these, but no worries we’re fixing this) and Damon hadn’t been to Seattle’s famous Gum wall or Freemont’s Troll under the bridge. No Worries though.. Both can now officially be checked off their list. Slight bummer was that we got back to late to manage to wonder around the public market so little guy is still missing out on that. Although now we got another excuse to stop another time. 🙂 Bonus!!

Snapchat-6139829905999711019_(1)DSCN3953 (1)DSCN3948

It was a lovely day and I’m so glad I’m lucky enough to have such a close loving family that I don’t mind spending about 75% of my whole life with them now-a-days. Even though at times it makes me feel as though a teenager or something what woman doesn’t want to feel younger?!? Right?!!? Maybe?! Hehe 😛

That was my most adventurous exciting fun day since freedom happened. So maybe I just wanted to brag and share. Other then that I’ve been relaxing and seeing some random friends here and there. Nothing too remarkable to cram in here and have you get stuck reading.

Or well, thats a lie. Doctors appointments have happened, and yes lets chat about those..

Usual follow up visit. Cancer patients see doctors often. Thank goodness for great insurance. Anyways moving on.. Doc and I chat. Tell him how I still have headaches (nothing like my migraine from that week though) that I’ve been having some issues with seeing, things have been a bit blurry for me at times. Might be because of lack of sleep. Darn steriods keep a girl restless lately I’ve been a maybe 5 hour a night sleeper. Random nose bleed the other AM. Tired Drag Assey-ness. The usual.. Got the doctor curious. Whoops.. Off I go get another MRI to check out what’s going up there. Score! Being the super duper curious mouse I am I love being able to get updates on my issues.

Beep Beep durrrrrrr durrr chug chug.. Loud banging 30 minutes in a claustrophobic’s nightmare. Then waiting… Call comes through. Radiation specialist on the phone. Great news. Tumors have shrank a bit. That’s what I get told. Short and simple. Okay yay! Thank you. Off I go with more pep to my feisty little step.

Wednesday, 8-26-15, back to visit my friendly doctor. Short and sweet. He’s still waiting to hear back from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance so since chemo is doing it’s job were going to do another round while we wait. Monday it is.

Being the curious bugger I am though on my out I wonder on down to medical records. Hello.. May I please have copies of the reports on my pet scans lumbard puncture and MRI’s in the last month. 10 minutes later I leave with factual answers.

Compare and contrast……

7-27-2015 = 4.4 x 2.6 cm right frontal lobe and 3.6 x 3.0 cm left temporal lobe

7-30-2015 = 4.4 x 2.6 cm right frontal lobe and 3.8 x 2.8 cm left temporal lobe

8-24-2015 = 3.5 x 1.8 cm right frontal lobe and 2.9 x 2.2 cm left temporal lobe

So, maybe not a huge difference but almost a full cm of shrinkage on both of those suckers up there!
Having only done 2 rounds of treatment and being one month I’m pretty happy with it although I’m unsure how impressive it really is in the doctors eyes.

Reading reports written by doctors can be very informative and interesting. I found some mistakes in them which is different, but natural and human right so I mean just because you are of superior intelligence doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes constantly, I suppose. Still had me thrown off at times.

Ever heard of Moon facies? Me either sounds kinda cute though right? Googled it..

Moon facies, or moon face, is a medical sign in which the face develops a rounded appearance due to fat deposits on the sides of the face. It is often associated with Cushing’s syndrome or steroid treatment (especially corticosteroids), which has led to it being known as Cushingoid facies (“Cushings-like face”).

Makes sense everyone’s been mentioning my adorable new rounded out chipmunk cheeks. Last chemo left me skinnier and thinned out. This time I’m running around on lumberjack man status. Constantly shoving food down my mouth never really full. Can’t decide which I prefer, yet.

Most positively crushing thing to see on the reports though is that my doctor seems at a loss on what to do with me. Appearently this must be pretty rare.

Direct Quote:

8-24-2015 = 4. I will discuss the patient’s case with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance as to direction for further therapy; should we stop the high-dose methotrexate and proceed with the whole brain radiation therapy, should we consider stem cell transplant?

I like that he’s open to get more opinions and help, but it’s not really comforting that I’m continuing to get treated when he seems at a loss. Although, obviously with my slight shrinkage it’s doing something so that’s better then nothing. Yet is it enough? How long do I do have till there’s more issues? No real predictability, LIFE ughhh..

Round 2 Down the Gutter

Home free Home now. What a nice relief. Friday thru Monday. Weekend robbery. Whats a girl to do though. Wasn’t to bad of an experience. I did find myself feeling out of character and getting rather annoyed on occasion with my nurses. Going to blame it on the steroids. Don’t understand why else I’d be short fused. Maybe the lack of sleep didn’t help. Although that was only like 50% there fault. They do have a job to attend to.
Showing up Friday at 1030am and not getting to start my 4hour run of Methotrexate until 1230am was kind of a bummer. Since then everything runs late for the whole trip. Every night I was getting woken up at 3am then 4am then 6am if I was able to sleep at all so that they could trade some drug out or get a blood sample.
Other then that though it went smoothly. I eat CONSTANTLY. My belly feels like an empty pit no matter how much CRUD I cram down it. Which I guess is better then not being able to eat so maybe I should quit complaining. Although being hungry at 5am and not being able to get any food isn’t fun either. Probably should bring more food for myself next trip.
Off I go to unload my bags and grab a snack!

How my Journey Started

Hi There! My names Harmony. True Washingtonian Lady. 24 year young Gemini. Trying to live life to the most extreme happy times I can. Dealing with the strange and uncommon on a daily basis now-a-days. 2015 showed up giving me new meaning and outlook on life. I’m a walking strange one. 😉 Brave, courageous, and inspiring to others is what I get called commonly now. Funny how learning you have Stage 4 Cancer can alter life in such amazing and different ways. Christmas Eve 2014 came with a phone call that brought me a whole new life. Here’s how my story began.

During November 2014 I was conquering life. Living on my own for the last 5 months for the first time ever. It was such an amazing experience. Working at Sol Food Bar and Grill, my first waitress job. Hanging out with great friends going out tons to make new ones. Just thriving and having such an awesome time. Then I started getting tired lots. Maybe I was just doing to much not resting enough. My upper body started aching. Horribly. It became hard to get out of bed. Couldn’t figure out why I was so sore. Thought it was because I was still using the futon I bought back when I was 16 and that it had just gotten so flat and old it was causing me to not get a good nights sleep. Then one day I was checking myself out and I noticed this lump on chest. Odd but maybe it was just from how I’d been sleeping on my sides. So, I just didn’t think about it much. Yet it continued to grow and become more and more sensitive. By December it hadn’t gone away it had actually grown so much more that I started to call it my,” Third Lady Lump”. Being the natural not into doctors kind of girl I kept putting off going to get it checked out, but finally a friend noticed it and had me promise to go get it checked out. So on December 17th while I was having my car fixed I got my dad to take me over to the walk-in clinic so we could try to get some answers, and boy did they deliver.

Upon first sight by the doctor I could tell something was up. She kept giving it an odd look and sent me over right away to get an x-ray. Once getting those results she called upon another doctor in the office to come take a look who then suggested that I needed to get an MRI asap. They didn’t have an opening in their office to do one so they had me drive to Providence Hospital to get it done in the next hour. Get there get it done and then am told that I’m not aloud to leave afterwards. They are requesting me to stay so I can receive the results and follow up with what they say. An hour later my phone is ringing. Its the walk-in clinic they need me to come back they have the results and would rather not mention them over the phone. Off we go. Back to see them to hear her say,” You have a tumor and because of all the tissue and bones it’s taking over it’s cancerous.” Disbelief and horror surrounds me. How can this be happening I’m too young so healthy or so I had thought. They get me to give them some blood so they can send that in for some other testing and set me up with an appointment for 2 days away with Dr.Congdon. My night was ruined the next day was catatonic. Wednesday shows up. I go in and get my first meeting with my oncologist. Who then ships me over to go meet another doctor to have a biopsy done on the tumor. Simple easy process. Stuck me with a numbing shot and then poked me 3 times to take out some samples bandaged me up and sent me home. One week later I get the call. Good news Bad news.. Results came back negative, YES!, Bad news: Didn’t make sense so I needed to get scheduled to have a larger more invasive biopsy done, YUCK!, but okay I should make sure. Days later in I go for my first major thing to ever get done to my body. Even got stuck not being able to work for 10 days talk about unwanted unplanned vacation. This time though results came back positive. Sitting around with family trying to enjoy Christmas Eve I got told I had Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and was in need of getting a Pet/Ct Scan soon so we can figure out how serious it was, and start a treatment plan. Turns out I had a few areas of growing tumors that were hanging out in my belly. Stage 4. Apparently I’m the go big or go home type of girl.

January 19th I went in to do my first of 6 treatments. R-EPOCH. A 5-6 day Chemo regime that would require me to stay at the hospital each time.Boy is that a shocker. Sticking to that go big or go home thing, I suppose. The plan was to do treatment once every 3 weeks and after 3 treatments I’d have a scan done to see how things are working and then continue onto finish.

Man oh man did my life change. Ended up not working. I mean who employs someone that needs so much time off. Plus doctors don’t recommend working a job that you are constantly dealing with people when you have no immune system to fight away germs and stay healthy. Ouch. Can you imagine being 24 living alone paying your own bills and then unexpectedly not able to continue working. Thank goodness I’m a frugal girl and had a saving account that lasted long enough for me to pay all my rent up till my lease was up but man was I broker then broke for anything else. Oh well I survived. Made me feel like a strong independent women.

Chemo is interesting. Sometimes its okay other times hard. Some days I’d feel normal others not even close. My first half of the treatments went okay. I had minimal side effects. Which was empowering. Made me feel more confident that I was going to manage to survive this whole ordeal. During the first half I only experienced the lack of appetite  ( lived off chicken broth for a few days after leaving the hospital) alopecia ( hair loss ) and tiredness at times. Didn’t seem so bad. Got my scan done told things were shrinking and working great. YEAH!      

Half number 2 was a bit more surreal though. My body was over it. Tired of being such a trooper. I started getting bad mouth sores. So much so that it was even hard to drink my chicken broth. I was exhausted due to the lack of red blood cells. I was hanging out on the ledge so close to needing blood transfusion every week it was risky. My feet started blistering and peeling. Catching up to me, but I was still driven I was going to make it and beat the heck out of this annoying little bugger in my body. I ended up neutropenic and had to get hospitalized after each of my last 3 treatments. Major bummer extra 4 or so day stays at the hospital. Complete misery. Yet I kept going and ya know what …. I BEAT IT.

June I got a CT scan and ya know what came back…EMPTINESS. NORMALNESS. My insides looked like the girls sitting next to me. Well besides the hole that’s left in my chest bone because of the fact that the tumor ate through it basically, but hey I’m down to have a bit of a tender hole left there. As long as there’s no disease. I’m totally happy !! Celebrate Time!!!!!!!!!!

Just in time for summer no more treatments to do can get back to living a normal life. YES!! Spent the next month resting the body still need to try to recover and regrow all those blood cells and work on clearing out the rest of drugs and all that. But man was it amazing to not have to drive to the doctors 3 times a week or go stay at my second home on the 7th floor A-WING.

By the end of July I got the courage to go back and ask to work again. My old boss is such an amazing lady and was going to let me start again. Just needed to wait for the next schedule and she’d let me start back slow so I can adjust back into being a real woman. Not working for 6 months is a bit a of a throw off. I get given 4 short shifts for my first week back.Tuesday night, Thursday morning,  Friday Night, and Sunday night. Excited and nervous I’m ready stoked can’t wait for life to go back the way it was last year.

Wake up Monday with the one of the worst headaches I’ve ever experienced. Maybe it’s just nerves got to be couldn’t be anything else. Maybe a flu or something. Spend the day resting. Smart choice . Make it in on Tuesday. Back in action wild crazy hectic Taco Tuesday madness. Gosh was it great to be back even if I wasn’t feeling good. Made it though then headed home and went straight to bed. Woke up miserable. Head pounding. Could barely sleep didn’t want to be awake. Just miserable. Kept getting worse Wednesday was heartbreaking. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t Stand loud noises or light. Headache turned into full blown migraine. Then I did the last thing I wanted to do .. such defeat it was harsh. Sent a text asking to have someone cover my shift in the AM. What a blow to my ego! Plus, talk about risk first week back and not showing up for a shift. Ballsy in a bad way. Worked out though and got it cover pheww.. Still though even staying home with a blindfold on resting all day things were not getting better. Managed to force myself to go in on Friday night. Risky. Found myself getting light headed almost fainted 3 times. I had to go the back and sit on the floor if I wasn’t helping anyone. Raced home as soon as I let go. Whats going on .. Migraines don’t normally last for days and days do they.?!? Mine sure was and continued to .. So I buckled down and asked if she could find someone to cover my shift Sunday as well since I did nothing but rest and be miserable Saturday as well. Promised that if I did get it covered I was going to go to the walk-in to figure out what was going on with me. Fair trade, right? So that’s what happened.

Once again I find myself sitting at a walk-in clinic hoping to find out some answers. Can ya guess what happened? Bet not yet… I was amazed. I got sent home. heheh. But it was with an appointment to come back Monday and so they can do an MRI on my head. Can’t be that serious can it. Of course it was. Walk-ins seem to be my cancer finders. 2 new tumors were found on that test. Brain tumors. Who would of guessed that. Yet another life changing event. Got given a prescription for steroids to help with the swelling that was causing me to be in such pain and some pain killers to help calm the hurt. Back home I go to sleep it off or so I thought. One hour later I’m getting called from Dr. Congdon I need to head to the hospital and get admitted so they can take care of me. That was majorly nerve wracking. Off I ran. Spent the next week in the hospital. Got a Pet/Ct scan. Good news that I still had no other tumors anywhere else! yay! At least something positive I could see. Another MRI done 2 days later. No shrinkage yet on them. BOO. Lumbar puncture was done. OUCH. Then Friday I got my first chemo treatment. Talk about a fast moving week. It was so crazy and hectic quite a blur. Got to head home Monday night. What a week.

Now I’m sitting here getting my 2nd round of Methotrexate. Plan seems to be that I will do 3-4 rounds of Methotrexate and then have another MRI to see if it is working to shrink the tumors. Crossing my fingers. Being so young the doctors are hoping to avoid radiation to my head since the long term side effects could cause major issues early on for me. Imagine being useless in your 30-40’s. Harsh sounding future. If working they’ll just continue to give me another 3-4 round of the chemo and then another test to check if they are gone. On the dark side though if after these first few treatments they aren’t shrinking enough my doctors are having me go get a second opinion at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and probably going to have me do a bone marrow transplant or whatever they might suggest.

Life and it’s lemons. Squeeze Squeeze … Patiently waiting to deal with life now. Kind of thrown off with how unplanned this treatment idea is, but maybe that’s for the best. Just a go with the flow type of thing. So anyways…. That’s my story so far.