Days 0 through Now


So they have their own wierd unusual ways to do things around here like my count up is what I’m doing now , but before it was chemo went in it as -9 thru -1. Cell day is like zeroing out for a new time. You saw I got a card and all from this medical bday I now possess.
Right now it’s Day +11 . Thinking about these past few weeks is harsh. I can’t believe what I’ve struggled and made it thru.

Days now consist of working hard to not go stir crazy. I think, my butt checks are flatter from laying/sitting on them ALL the time. Here’s some more some far to honest and others like yikes lame.

First I get okay skip this is things are gross to you, but some serious liquid bowel movements. I mean 10+ times a day is a bit excessive.I think, it’s worse then nausea, well maybe cause I barely experience that.  That’s more of a hold up since I’ve seemed to wobble back and forth in-between that and being stuffed up there because of all the pain killers I’m given, wouldn’t of made it without it them painkillers but man is it messing up my stomach. This is my nifty drug pump. I had my own button I could press every 6minutes that I was in pain. Strong stuff.

unnamed (20)

Then its been that darn musous doesn’t want to leave got switched over to being a IV Fluid Bag eater, and liquifier. I didn’t drink except when i was required to take a pill. although because of it they did have me cross over into nothing but IVs basically. I also got to use my own like dentist suction tube for when I needed it. Helped lots with swallowing at times when the musous was intense.   Can’t wait till I taste and enjoy food again.

3rd weakness of mine? a rash or well two separate rashes that currently cover like my  whole body. Couldn’t figure out why and where from at first but last night after another dermatologist came to view me they think it’s from chemo and is just two different forms of it. So now I get to lather myself up 2x’s a day.

Being so close to done is hard. It’s just now working to adjust to being normal again and waiting for my blood levels to raise up. which they are doing at a remarkable speed, even the doctors are a bit shocked. Thinking I might get out tomorrow. YAYAYA! At first they were Not for sure on that tho. Had to prove I can get back to swallowing and taking my pills along with eating again since I really haven’t for awhile since they have me on a nice IV that fills my belly so I dont have to hurt my mouth.

unnamed (21)



One thought on “Days 0 through Now

  1. Jessica says:

    My gosh, your rashes look miserable! I’ve had some bad ones before and we had to wrap my legs in ace bandages to keep me from scratching. I can’t imagine what that must be like to go through and it’s only one small piece of what you’re going through. You’re such a trooper; hang in in there. Your spirit is ready to soar on to new things soon. ❤


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