Transplant Day

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BOY OH BOY finally reached here!! Only been waiting about a month now. Phew so much has happened it’s wild. Can’t express how happy I am to of finally made it to the last leg of my treatment needs( hopefully ).

My day started off with vital checks that made my doctors nervous since all night and still this AM my heart-rate has been a bit high. So that got me to get an EKG. Easy peasy they put stickers on you connect some wires to them and hit a button on the machine to test it. About 10mins. Guessing good results since I didn’t hear anything else about it.
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Then with having a low enough amount on my hematocrit levels I got to get a bag of blood, and tons of fluids. Why do I sound happy about this well it sure has its magical way of perking a girl up. They say low levels cause people to fell fatigued and when we get the blood transfusion it helps boost our energy and it worked yet again. Slept most of yesterday and today I only took one drug induced nap. YAY.

unnamed (14)    Stemcells look like blood. Cell Bath      524de73a-2364-4b12-8118-98ce2aaa8993

12PM Stem Cell Transplant time. Hour long process. 4 bags. 4vital checks. Lemondrops and orange slices. Bags of cells have been frozen so they de-thaw them right before putting them up. Lemondrops and orange slices are to help with keeping your mouth damp and unscratchy. Wasn’t thinking I was going to need them but once I started to cough up a lung 😛 I gave in to their expertise. Also get vital checked before swap out of stem bags to double check the body is handling it. Once the last bag is empty its over unless you count the every 30min vital checks over the next 4 hours. No free time.  Doesn’t seem as scary as everyone makes it huh? I’m in agreeance. Although the tough part is to come as my blood levels continue to drop and take their time  to rebuild back up. Crossing my fingers I’m a champ and recover quickly, but time will just tell.

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