UW Life.

WooHoo made it to inpatient day. Welcome to a new year and hopefully the last chemo round I experience. Yay!

So this stay requires a check-in with no real check-out date. BUMMER!! Showed up knowing it’ll be around a 2 week stay since I do 9 days of chemo then just got to wait til I’m healthy enough to be in public. My mind a few days like 5. They keep warning me it would probably be more around 2 weeks after my cells are given back to me. 😦 Time sure adds up . I suppose, we shall find out later.

9 days of chemo is broken up into 3 different types.

Thiotepa. Busulfan. Cyclophosphamide.

Thiotepa was given for 3 days. Usual side effects that most chemos come with, but this one requires 4 showers a day because of how it excretes out of your body and can cause rashes and irritation. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but its just more work specially having to wrap up your dressing areas. Just a timely thing and not as enjoyable as a regular shower.

Busulfan was another 3 days. Requires 5 days of pre-meds to help avoid getting seizures. Yup I’ll gladly do so don’t wanna join that club. Another bummer with this type.. It’s given every 6 hours. Doesn’t seem like much but boy did I not sleep these days. 6am chemo 7am nurse swap out 8am Daily meds and vital signs 12pm chemo 4pm vital signs 6pm chemo 7pm nurse swap 8pm vital check 9pm nightly meds 12am chemo and blood draws then 3am vital signs and repeat for those 3days. Not much free time in the night to get straight heavy sleep for yourself. Survived napping as much as possible but was glad to swap over to the next stuff.

Cyclophospiamide accompanied by Dexamethazone(not a fan favorite this is the stuff that made me swell and gain serious poundage.) steroid and mesna which is to help out the bladder and tons of extra fluids. Half the time I lived in the restroom they were giving me so many fluids.

Haven’t had any major issues. I do have mucositis which is just like a having sores all over mouth. Right now its not that bad sore and swollen but actual sores haven’t busted thru yet, yay. Experienced those with previous chemos wasn’t my favorite, and don’t mind waiting longer for it to happen or not at all.

After all the chemo I get a rest day. Just lots and lots of fluids. Waiting till the next morning to get the transplant. I made it! YES!!

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One thought on “UW Life.

  1. Dusti says:

    Hi Harmony, I am a friend of Jessica Badgers, I dont know you but I have heard good things. Special prayers for you! You got this! YOU ARE INSPIRING AND SO STRONG!


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