Whats been happening.. 12/30/15

Whew, its been awhile since I’ve posted. Apparently no blogging champion here. I’ll try to work on that. Nothing major has happened.

My meeting with the neurologist got me the info that my tumors are now half the size of what they were last time. So I believe that’s about 2cm X 2cm each or so. Can’t remember the sizes exactly and I don’t get print outs so we’ll just go with it. Also, I received 2 appointments for lumbar puncture chemo sessions and a whole spinal MRI.
Not a big fan of lumbar punctures. My last post I had gotten a normal one done without the chemo and during that session I had received a  decent amount of IV sedation and lido-cane( the same goods you get injected with while having a cavity filled)  shots in the area of enterance. With these appointments I was only given the lido-cane shots. Man is this girl not the toughest cookie around. Couldn’t do it. Got poked 3 times and tensed up so much that the doctor wasn’t able to draw out some spinal fluid or inject in the chemo. Since she was unable to achieve her goal they gave me some anti-anxiety pills and had me go down to radiology to try to get the procedure done since they can take picture of the spine and would know the best to enter in at causing them to have better luck. DIng DIng DIng. Accomplished first try ,YES!


SInce it went smoother down there in radiology my 2nd time was just set up with them and went just well by the same doctors. Sweet people.

Spinal MRI smooth sailing just like any other of the many I’ve had. Laid in machine for an hour listened to 90s radio to help distract for the very loud noises the machine takes while snapping its pictures. Haven’t heard anything back about it yet.

Oh yeah.. remember my double sided bone marrow biopsy I had done? Well, unfortunately it came back odd. Although the doctors believed that was only because of the neupogen shots that I had been receiving before.  Good news right don’t need any need issues popping up. Bad news: only way to verify that was to wait it out a bit longer then take another sample to test. Gosh darn getting stabbed legally again. Starting to wonder if I’m annoying these doctors and they’re just taking out legal revenge on me .. heheh JK.

This time I had to go in on on Xmas EVE ( which BTW is my 1year mark of officially finding out the answer of having DLBCL) and didn’t get my IV sedation but I did get anti-anxiety pills, this unusual pain killer lollipop ( things are sure growing up in my life ) and more lido-cane shots. Went pretty swell not to much pain. Eventually you just pretty much feel like someone who kinda knows what they’re doing has kicked ya in your hip or back area where they stab away at. No answers yet about that either.


Okay then there’s this…
20151230_091821 20151230_091807                                             20151230_091759

Which is Harmony being a young troublesome rule breaker and having to deal with the consequences. I maybe enjoy alcohol a bit more then I need to. All and every doctor I’ve ever met though obviously don’t recommend drinking. Always have always will with or without cancer no doctor suggests drinking. I’ve drank through-out my whole treatment period. Just got recommend and suggested to slow it down, but it was never a major deal. Till now. Seattle is ALOT stricter. Although I have had other nights of drinking and partying with friends other times. It wasn’t as excessive as this amazing weekend that I had on the 19th and 20th. Raised my liver levels quite a bit and if they don’t drop back down enough they are going to make me wait a bit longer to go into inpatient and start that high intense chemo since the chemo also causes damages to the liver and they don’t want to make it so intense that it’ll cause permanent damages. Makes sense they can damage me as much as they want with all their drugs and pills and what nots but I should be on my bestest behavior BOO. So, now I’m pulling up my big girl panties and learning to enjoy  my holidays and free time completely sober even if not another sole spending time with me is on my same page. Which to be honest isn’t that hard I’m not that much of a lush, but it is a bit of a let down. I’m a slight party animal what can I say. 😀

Anyways, Thats all I got. Tomorrow I go get an ultrasound on the liver to make sure I didn’t cause damages that wont be repaired before the 5th but they don’t believe i did they are just like I’ve said overly cautious and like to double check everything. So, I suppose we shall see.. Moving on .. Almost done. Can’t wait.


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