Recent Testing 12/2 – 12/8

Wednesday- Breathing. What an odd intense test. Leaves you feeling a bit winded but no pain so it went well in my mind. Sounded like I did a decent enough job but didn’t get an official answer.

Thursday- Once again I got shoved in a machine and got an MRI. Thank goodness I’m not claustrophobic I’d not survive I’m constantly being tossed in one of these type of machines. I got told on this though that things have gotten a bit smaller but think I will find out more with my future appointment with a neurologist.

Friday- I got my long avoided pap smear and check to see if I actually know what kind of birth control I’m using. Which I do and I get to keep. Apparently if I had the other type of IUD I would have to have it removed. Whew glad I don’t. Other then that I got told it all looked normal and still waiting on the results from the swabs they took for whatever reason.

Monday – EOG. basically a ultrasound of your heart. Haven’t heard if it came back with good results or not but I’m thinking I’ll find out all my test results tomorrow or Friday.
It was easy and painless. Just laying there and following instructions.

Tuesday- Bone Marrow and LP testing. Most painful out of all of these, but still nothing extreme. I’m left feeling tender kind of like someone that knows what they are doing got 3 good swift kicks in.

unnamed (1)

Being the special girl that I am I got to get both sides of my hips tested for the bone marrow. Generally it’s one or the other but because of my type of cancer and what not I get more. GO ME>

Tomorrow I get to go see a neurologist and I believe learn more about whats going on with my brain and what he thinks will happen. Kind of nervous about this but excited as well to hear some news.


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