3rd Times the Charm?

Monday 8-31-15

checkin 11:45
make it to room 12:45

congdon 3:00

first ph level test 330

saline bag started 4 finished 9
methotrexate 10pm

WARNING: Quite a bit of complaining/whining below.
Treatment Patience is a virtue that I seem to not have alot of anymore.  I’m not sure if it’s my steriod induced annoyance , maybe it’s jealousy or I’m just naturally annoyed that it takes so many hours to get things started when I show up everytime. I mean think about it .. This is scheduled weeks in advance basically and for sure atleast 4+ days for sure. Why can the patients that go to the cancer center be prepped and get there medication when their appointment is and then leave hours later after getting pumped with their good poison yet I can’t even get my chemo until after I’ve been sitting in the hospital for 12 hours. Late night chemo isn’t my favorite. It then ends up making it so they do extra testing through-out the night at all these late night hours. Who else is up to get woken up at 2am to have a needle shoved into their arm for testing? Not my favorite.